Chaparral Country Club provides a comfortable setting for owners and guests alike. Appropriate dress is the standard, from casual to more formal depending upon where you are and the activity you want to attend. Denim may not be worn on the golf course, on the tennis courts, or in the formal dining room, unless a specific activity permits it.

Formal Dining Room
  -  More formal clothing is required for the dining room
  -  Some dining room events have their own dress requirements
  -  Long pants for men are required unless it is a specific event that allows shorts
Lounge or Patio Dining
  -  Casual clothing and denim are appropriate for these dining areas
  -  Nice jeans and/or clothes from the golf course or tennis courts will work well
  -  For evening events in the Lounge, members enjoy dressing more formally
Golf Course and Driving Range
  -  Soft spike golf shoes, golf sandals, or tennis shoes are required
  -  For Men: golf shorts or long pants and collared golf shirts
  -  For Women: golf shorts, skirts, capris or long pants and collared golf shirts or collarless shirts with sleeves 
  -  Tennis shoes that will not leave marks on the court are required
  -  Appropriate tennis apparel: tennis shorts, or skirts and tennis shirts or blouses
If you would like more information about Chaparral Country Club:
Phone: (760) 340-1893, ext. 100